Hey there!

I’m Alex.

I help womxn who have had an upsetting pregnancy, birth or postnatal experience release feelings of guilt and isolation so they can tell their story with confidence and pride.

Do you ever wonder why you just don’t feel like yourself since your upsetting perinatal experience? No matter how hard you try, you can’t shake heavy, negative emotions? Putting a brave face on every day is exhausting.

I want you to know this. You are not broken. You can heal. Things can be better.

Understanding the science behind what’s happening in your beautiful brain can be immensely reassuring and the first step on your journey to healing.

Get your free guide which helps you make sense of your feelings and also includes 3 BONUS techniques for reducing anxiety.

I offer a range of nurturing, heart-centred loving services to support you in your journey to feeling better again. 

  • Trauma Informed Birth Debrief

This gentle, heart-centred service gives you the time and space for you to be listened to, in the way you truly deserve. Perhaps carrying the weight of bottled up feelings is dragging you down every day. Perhaps you are worried about ‘burdening’ your loved ones with your emotions. Perhaps the thought of a hospital-based birth debrief fills you with dread. 

Having your story heard can often be the first step on the road to healing. Find out more about this loving, nurturing service here.

  • Traumatic Birth Recovery 3 Step Rewind

An upsetting pregnancy, birth of postnatal experience can impact every area of your life. You might have a constant low mood, you might feel anxious, you might have nightmares, flashbacks or a feeling of numbness. Maybe most of the time you feel fine, but will all of a sudden burst into tears when you are least expecting it. Maybe it’s none of these things, but you know deep down you need to find some peace. A traumatic experience impacts in so many unique ways.

It is so hard to carry on ‘being mum’ when your traumatic experience is with you every day.

But I want you to know that you can heal and this healing power is within you.

3 Step Rewind is a gentle, nurturing service which aims to lift the symptoms of perinatal trauma in a way that keeps you in control. Find out more here.

"Thank you for everything, Alex. I came out of this birth feeling a little (actually a lot!) more empowered than last time"
"You made me believe I could do this when no-one else could"
"Thanks so much for all the help and support. Feeling so happy and full of love (and oxytocin!)"
''You really go above and beyond, thank you so much''
"Thank you so much for the encouragement and positive words. I am so touched and grateful and it means so much to me whilst I'm in my little bubble"
"I can honestly say the evenings we spent together gave me the best nights' sleep I had had during my pregnancy''
''You really helped us feel calm and relaxed in this special time before the birth of our baby''