When you’ve been through an upsetting perinatal experience, it can be really tough to make sense of all of the different emotions that you may be feeling.

Perhaps you feel confused. None of it makes sense, after all, you prepared so well for the birth. You had everything planned.

It feels so unfair. You feel like the birth was taken from you. Sometimes the anger tugs and pulls at you all day. Other days you feel numb and empty.

Lady, we need to talk!

I help women who are feeling this way relieve these non-serving emotions and move forward into a new phase, the weight of these heavy emotions lifted.

I’ll support you in working through your emotions, so that you can feel confident, calm and in control when talking about your birth experience.

I believe that every woman should feel immensely proud of giving birth and should be able to harness their immense strength and courage as they journey through motherhood. I believe that time spent with family should be free of insecurities and every woman should live to their full potential as a mother.

Are you ready to take this step with me?

Having experienced my own upsetting caesarean birth in 2014, my eyes were opened to a brand new range of emotions – many of these feelings were painful and heavy. I felt isolated and alone, even when surrounded by people. Every time my baby cried, I wondered if it was a result of the birth experience.

I worked through these emotions alone, trying to find my feet emotionally as well as physically (oh, and let’s not forget that ‘little’ job of looking after a newborn too!)

Fast forward to today. I have left behind the corporate career I had for 10 years and have devoted myself to serving women in being able to flourish during the perinatal period.

I trained as a Doula with BirthBliss Academy, as a Hypnobirthing Practitioner with Katharine Graves and continue my development with Traumatic Birth Recovery School courses.

I am not a doctor and I won’t ‘cure’ you. I will hold the space for you so that you can harness the power of your own healing. I return your power to you. I work from a place of compassion, love and genuine respect for all of you amazing women.

I would be honoured to walk with you on your journey to confidence, calm and pride.

"Thank you for everything, Alex. I came out of this birth feeling a little (actually a lot!) more empowered than last time".
"You made me believe I could do this when no-one else could"
"You really go above and beyond, thank you so much".
"Thank you so much for the encouragement and positive words. I am so touched and grateful and it means so much to me whilst I'm in my little bubble".
"I can honestly say that the evenings we spent together gave me the best nights' sleep I had during my pregnancy".
"You helped us feel calm and relaxed at this special time".