‘Get Prepared For Your Baby’s Birth’

You’ve done your pregnancy yoga, you’ve bought the pram and you’re feeling pretty good.

But you can’t seem to ignore that voice deep down saying ‘but what if I can’t do this? What if things don’t go as planned?’

You’re a smart lady and you know the whole ‘watermelon through a lemon’ thing is total BS…but still you wonder…how DOES it actually all work?? Is a baby really gonna come out of there?

Let me support you in moving from a place of doubt and insecurity to a place of confidence and calm.

Ready to get prepared for whatever birth throws at you? Message me to find out how I can support you.

Prices start from £497 for 1:2:1 support.

See you soon, gorgeous! xx

Having a planned C-section?

Deep down you know you should be feeling more prepared for the big day….but what the heck should you prepare? I get it. No-one wants to feel lost and out of control during birth. Let me take you through the essential things you need to get sorted so that you can relax, knowing you are all set for your baby’s birth.