I heard a Mary J. Blige song on the radio the other day – No More Drama. Remember that one? What a tune!

It’s one of those tracks that takes you right back to the moment you first heard it and gets you thinking about what you were doing that year.

Well back in 2002, around the time that song came out, I was packing for my upcoming girls’ holiday to a place where the bodies are bronzed, the parties are loud and the vibes are good. Yep, you guessed it – Ibiza.

My thought process went something like this…

What should I take – I mean, I need at least three pairs of stilettos. Actually probably four. Then maybe some wedges. And also a couple of pairs of platform boots (they were still a thing in 2002!). I need a short black dress for the clubs, a mid-length for dinner and probably a long-length for the café scene. Maybe I should take white ones too. Just to be sure. You never know how you will feel on the day, right?

And I’ll need a cute jacket in case it’s chilly and maybe some jeans. I’ll just pack all of my swimwear – I’m pretty sure I will want all of it. I need all the sun creams – factor 30 to start, factor 50 in case I burn, factor 15 for a week in and some oil to finish (oh how I wish I could tell my younger self not to take the oil!!).

You see, I liked to plan out the outfits and take into consideration all eventualities. Taking so many pairs of shoes was just prudent planning in my opinion.

So what really gets me is this. How can someone who has 15 back-up outfits organised for a girls’ trip (me!) be the same person who doesn’t plan for a c-section when pregnant? (also me!). And I know this applies to a lot of ladies out there.

Just as I wasn’t expecting cold weather during an Ibizan summer, I took the jeans anyway. I was prepared for anything. 

But when it came to my birth planning, probably the most important planning you can do in your life, I didn’t plan for what I would like to happen if I needed a c-section. And guess what, friend. I did end up needing a c-section.

Without having done the prior thought and preparation, the experience was less than peachy, I’ll be honest. Kind of like arriving in Ibiza without any suitcase at all.

My second pregnancy was different. I had discovered c-section birth preparation and knew that I had an entire ‘suitcase’ of tools to help me stay cool, calm and collected. The birth, this time a planned c-section, was a positive, joyful experience and I have the right c-section preparation to thank for that.

So don’t be that girl who has a burn mark in the shape of a t-shirt at the airport. Don’t be that girl who has blisters all over her feet from that one pair of stilettos. Get yourself prepped right!

Please hop on over to the BirthSure Courses page to sign up to our next c-section prep course. I’ll see you there!.

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