Release feelings of guilt and isolation and tell your birth story with pride


The Serene Caesarean Sisterhood

The nurturing, supportive, 5-week program by Alex Ballarini.

My mission is for all women to find joy, strength and companionship in their caesarean birth experience. Will you join us?

This special program has been designed especially for women who have had an upsetting caesarean birth experience. Since the birth, life has been a whirlwind – there has been so little time to process what happened.

On the outside, they seem like they have ‘got it together’ just like that ‘perfect’ mum they saw strolling through the park with her pram on trend and her outfit on point. But inside they feel robbed of the birth experience they planned so hard for. As they sip their morning latte, they feel confused, disappointed and even guilty. They can’t seem to quiet that nagging voice inside asking ‘did I do something wrong?’.

But they are ready to move on and release those negative feelings. 

They are ready to finally feel confident, proud and strong. They are ready to become fully present in motherhood and to build resilience for whatever comes their way.

I had the best night's sleep in six months after our session. It was so, so relaxing.
You made me believe I could do this when no-one else could
Sophie D
Thank you for everything, Alex. I came out of this birth feeling a little (actually a lot!) more empowered than last time.
Lizzie B
Thanks so much for all the help and support. Feeling so happy and full of love (and oxytocin!)
Georgie G
Thank you so much for the encouragement and positive words. I am so touched and grateful and it means so much to me whilst I'm in my little bubble
Charlotte S

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What’s included?

The Serene Caesarean Sisterhood is a nourishing, nurturing happy place – a spa experience to reset your tired mind. It blends mindfulness, post-natal hypnobirthing and the emotional support of a trained doula, allowing you to release worries and find peace.

You will benefit from…..

I’m Alex Ballarini

When you’ve been through an upsetting caesarean experience, it can be really tough to make sense of all of the different emotions that you may be feeling, when you’re already exhausted and consumed by the demands of motherhood.

Perhaps you feel confused. None of it makes sense, after all, you prepared so well for the birth. You had everything planned.

As you lie awake, contemplating your scar, it feels SO UNFAIR. On the worst days, it feels like the birth was taken from you. You’d never say it out loud, but you can’t help but feel like you ‘failed at birth’. That is such a hard place to be, I know.

Honey, we need to talk!

I help women who are feeling this way relieve these non-serving emotions and move forward into a new phase, the weight of these heavy emotions finally lifted.

I’ll hold the space for you to process your emotions, so that you can feel confident, calm and in control when talking about your birth experience. Finally you can join in the conversation at mums groups without worrying about bursting into tears.

I believe that every woman should feel immensely proud of giving birth and should be able to harness their immense strength and courage as they journey through motherhood. I believe that time spent with family should be free of insecurities and every woman should live to their full potential as a mother. Every woman deserves this. Every single one.

Are you ready to move into your next phase with me?

Having experienced my own upsetting caesarean birth in 2014, my eyes were opened to a brand new range of emotions – many of these feelings were painful and heavy. Shouldn’t I feel more grateful to have a healthy baby? Isn’t that enough? What the hell was wrong with me?

On the outside, I was coping quite well. But every time my baby cried, I wondered if it was a result of the birth experience. Was he ok? Did he remember it? It was a dark shadow hanging over my experience of motherhood.

I worked through these emotions alone, I thought to myself ‘motherhood is supposed to be hard and tiring isn’t it?’. I scrambled through the days, trying to find my feet emotionally as well as physically (oh, and let’s not forget that ‘little’ job of looking after a baby too!).

Fast forward to today. I have left behind the corporate career I had for 10 years and have devoted myself to serving women in being able to flourish during the perinatal period. Because women being able to flourish matters. It matters a huge, huge amount.

Every single pregnancy matters. Every single birth matters. Every single baby matters. Every single mother matters.

You matter.

Over the past four years I have trained as a Doula and Hypnobirthing Practitioner with a special focus on perinatal trauma and the emotional wellness of mothers. I believe in supporting mothers to give themselves the time, care and love they deserve but so infrequently experience. Empowering and encouraging mothers is my ‘thing’ and I want to see you thrive, lady.

I am not a doctor and I won’t ‘cure’ you. I will hold the space for you so that you can explore your emotions and harness the power of your own healing.

I will return your power to you.

I work from a place of compassion, love and genuine respect for all of you amazing women.

I would be honoured to walk with you on your journey to confidence, calm and pride.

Enjoy full peace of mind when you join the Serene Caesarean Sisterhood program with the 100% money back guarantee if you feel it has not been beneficial to you.

I love the sound of giving myself some love and care, but I’m always on ‘mum duty’.

No problem! I can resonate with that. The sessions are all online and you can bring your baby with you if you like.

I’m low in confidence and a bit shy – I’m not sure a group thing is going to work for me.

I totally understand. That’s why we make sure with a quick phone call that anyone who wishes to sign up to the Serene Caesarean Sisterhood is going to be kind, supportive and non-judgemental. This means the majority of ladies will quickly feel at ease in the group and will soon find their courage, once again. 

If a group is really not your thing, then contact me to learn how I can support you 1:2:1.

I’m not sure I want to spend money on myself right now – after all, I need to buy all the winter stuff for my child.

I appreciate that as mums, we ALWAYS put ourselves last. It’s somehow in our DNA, right? It’s also in our DNA to splash out on the best possible pram, the baby gadgets and the 100 different baby sleep apps – am I right again? We are all on Amazon at 2am scrolling through the kids items – guilty as charged! 

This investment is tiny compared to the money you will invest in just the first year on baby stuff but will still be paying dividends long after you’ve put the high chair in the attic. Ask yourself, what is it worth to me and my family for me to feel confident and proud? Whether you invest in this program or not, I want you to make a promise to always invest in yourself going forward. You are worth it. 

I care about mothers but also deeply care about little ones who maybe didn’t get the best start in life, let alone the best pram. BirthSure donates 10% of income from this program to ChildLine, registered charity 216401. 

Terms and conditions:

This program aims to release non-serving emotions related to your caesarean experience so you can move to a place of confidence and pride. It is not therapy for mental health issues and no medical advice will be given under any circumstances. Experiences are unique across individuals and it is natural that benefits will vary from person to person. 

The Serene Caesarean Sisterhood is a safe, non-judgemental, confidential space where members can find companionship and understanding. BirthSure reserves the right to immediately remove members who do not comply with the code of conduct and under such circumstances, no refund will be given.

Payment is required in full at least 24 hours prior to the first session date.

If in the unlikely event you feel that the program has not been of benefit to you in any way, you may request a full refund of the investment. Refund requests must be made in writing to by 10pm on the 7th day following the last group session. Refund requests after this time cannot be accepted.

All materials and audios within the program are copyright of Alexandra Ballarini at BirthSure.